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Songs that consist equally of reality and imagination.

Johanna Amelie is a Berlin based indie artist and music producer.

Even as a child Johanna Amelie could not keep her hands off instruments. From the age of 3 she learned to play the violin, later viola, saxophone, piano and flute. Perhaps it was the fact that her parents and grandparents were also musicians. Or perhaps she just had an instinct for music. Regardless, on her 17th birthday Johanna was given a Regina Spektor CD and from that moment on she knew: singer-songwriter was to become her profession.

Today Johanna performs internationally both with her band and solo. She plays a variety of instruments on stage and her music videos are created with a collective made up of fellow artists based in Berlin. Aside from her own projects, Johanna Amelie is committed to increasing the visibility of women and non-binary people in the music industry as a whole. She founded Visibility*Breakfast (a monthly meet up for female* and non binary artists) and she’s a member of Music Women* Germany.

"Plans are fiction, they are the entrance doors to a journey to a yet uncertain future.“ (- Johanna Amelie on Fiction Forever)

In April 2022 Johanna Amelie will release her new studio album ‘Fiction Forever’ (via brillJant alternatives/The Orchard/Indigo). She’ll introduce it to audiences during her tour in May. The songs on her new album are testimonies of our time. Johanna spontaneously wrote the song IRL, a monolog, on a long winter day, on her birthday in 2021. Fiction Forever was written online in collaboration with Johanna’s friend LIHME, an artist from Denmark. They are both songs about living past each other in the digital age, about dealing with new realities. Swimsuit is a song about solidarity and how we deal with difficult feelings, especially when they are happening to someone you love.It was a big beautiful beach 8,000 miles away from Berlin that inspired Johanna to write “earth wanted plastic, she didn’t know how to make it”. She witnessed mountains of plastic waste lying on the sand and floating in the water.

“As I waded knee-deep into the water, a plastic bag wrapped itself around my calves. It became vividly clear to me that the chemicals from plastic waste ultimately end up not only in the ocean, but also in our bodies. The scene reminded me of a skit by George Carlin who claimed that earth loved plastic and therefore she made humans, the only creatures who actually make plastic."

‘Fiction Forever’ was recorded in 2021. Johanna worked in Berlin with producer Pola Roy (Wir sind Helden) and recorded in Sicily with Jonas David. The album was mixed by Zafer Kurus (Beathovenz) and mastered by Frida Claeson Johansson in Gothenburg.


“Johanna Amelie ist eine Meisterin im Schaffen besonderer Atmosphären und Stimmungen.” - FLUX FM

“Johanna Amelie versteht es blendend, ihre Welt immer wieder aus ungewohnten Blickwinkeln zu betrachten und ist so der Singer/Songwriter-Konkurrenz eine Nasenlänge voraus. - Gä

Ein poetisches Gefühl ist in diese Lieder hinein gewoben, die neugierig arrangiert sind und Amelie’s Persönlichkeit als Musikerin weiter entfalten.”- ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE

“Fantastic Songs!“ - Robert Elms, Radio BBC London

“Fitting seamlessly between Julia Holter, Regina Spektor and Sharon Van Etten, the much underrated singer-songwriter from Berlin looks destined for bigger things with her new release” - FAME MAGAZINE

“Take a listen, let go and allow yourself to be carried away by the dreamy soundscapes served up so handsomely by a musician who obviously has a huge future ahead of her. On this evidence, Johanna Amelie is going to be around for many, many years to come; truly lovely stuff.” -

"Johanna Amelie takes herself and the world around her apart to ultimately put it back together into a shape of music we haven’t yet heard.“ - Eclit Magazine

"One thing’s for sure: With haunting ballads such as Being, Johanna Amelie is setting out on a brighter future and will certainly be on our watch.“ - Nothing but Hope and Passion